annex on first


At just 37 sq ft located in the downtown core of Owen Sound, the ‘annex’ allows individuals (by appointment) to view and purchase works from the extensive collection of this gallery.  ‘Annex on first’ is a point of sale space for a collective of artists and gallerists who have decided to depart from the traditional artist/art gallery model.

Often the future looks to the past for guidance:

“Since the conception of the readymade and pop art, the most trivial objects can be reiterated in the artistic sphere, yet even so these anonymous artworks lack the underlying condition for their artistic recognition, which is centred upon the agency of the artist. In addition, the intricate and flexible sociality of artists, objects, and audiences within the institutional framework of art renders the case of anonymous art even more perplexing. Following an original exhibition of a collection of anonymous artworks...investigates these perplexities. It argues that the aforementioned kind of anonymous artwork provides valuable insights into the limits of the contemporary art institution. Hence, within the complex layers of contemporary representations, it has the potential for empowering the aesthetic and cultural constellations of the individual spectator while offering new possibilities for collectors.”

Konstantinos Vassiliou 11 Apr 2017


a new way to think about art and audience

“annexed to our inner space, we have a vague hope of an escape plane”

artist no.163